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I write humorous adventure stories for 8-12-year-olds. You can read more about me and my books on my publisher's website.

cover - Whispering to WitchesWhispering to Witches

isbn 978-0-7475-6910-7

One winter’s night, a boy called Joe gets off a train at the wrong station.  He decides to cycle the rest of the way home, but his tricycle has other ideas and delivers him to a witches’ coven instead. Befriended by Twiggy, a young witch-in-training, Joe endeavours to find out why the page of an ancient book of magic is missing.  What fearsome spell does the page contain? And who is the woman with the red fingernails who would do almost anything to find it?

This is an excellent, really gripping story – I couldn’t put it down. This pacy, magical story has a mixture of spine-tingling and comic moments with many exciting twists to keep you guessing right to the end.

Primary Times

Dale nimbly ties together the spidery threads of the story in a beguiling denouement.

Publishers Weekly

cover - Dawn UndercoverDawn Undercover

isbn 978-0-7475-7746-1

Dawn isn’t pretty or athletic and her grades are nothing special.  No one tends to pay her any attention at home or at school and she starts to believe that her life will never be any different. Then, one fateful day, everything changes.  Dawn’s talent for going unnoticed is spotted by a member of a spying organisation called S.H.H. (which stands for Strictly Hush-hush).  It is thought that Dawn will make an excellent spy.  After being trained, she is sent on her first mission.  However, without her knowledge, a boy and his dog tag along as well, making Dawn’s job much more difficult – and dangerous.

Funny and cleverly written . . . this light-hearted and engaging story parodies the spy genre without sacrificing the reader’s involvement.

The Sunday Times

Dawn Undercover is a schoolgirl version of Miss Marple – a delightful adventure of an ordinary, nondescript schoolgirl recruited to a hush-hush mission to track down a spy.

Daily Mail

cover - SpellboundSpellbound

isbn 978-0-7475-9479-6

It is the summer holidays and twelve year-old Athene is looking forward to spending two weeks in a Somerset farmhouse with her family.  Expecting her stay to be pleasant, if a little dull, Athene is amazed when she meets a tribe of strange, nocturnal people.  She swiftly makes friends with them, but when her hated little brother, Zach, finds out about them too, Athene’s anger gets the better of her.  She starts out on a journey which will lead her underground, to be trapped by a potent magic spell that no one has ever been able to break.

Funny, clever, wise and charming

The Times


cover - Magical MysteryMagical Mischief

isbn 978-1-4088-0043-0

Hardbattle Books is no ordinary bookshop, and when Arthur steps inside one rainy afternoon, he discovers its secret.  Every corner of the shop is filled with magic.  The magic rearranges the books, grants wishes and brings objects to life.  Arthur thinks the bookshop is a wonderful place, but he comes to learn that magic can have its downside too. Its antics are keeping customers away, and unless Mr Hardbattle can find it a new home, his business will go bust and he will be cast out on to the street.  Arthur offers to help, but so does Miss Quint, whose reluctance to follow instructions has disastrous results.

A very appealing, gentle comedy